Workaholic: Cook Serve Delicious! (Nov 25, 2014)

It’s workaholic time! I just got home from day 1 of my new job and decided to record a quick episode of Workaholic. This is a game I quite enjoy but never recorded before because it was a little bit too close to my real job. That no longer being the case, you can now enjoy me getting flustered as I try to bake potatoes and boil lobsters for impatient guests in my tower restaurant!
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Kerbal Space Program .25: Episode… huh? 7.5?

Wondering where my asteroid contract went between episodes 7 & 8? Here’s the answer! HOC Gaming was calling for KSP videos for a series he was workshopping called Flying Blind, and while it didn’t work out for him, we’ve now got a bonus episode for our own series! This will answer all kinds of questions you may have after seeing the state of the Kerbin neighborhood in episode 8: what was that probe in an eccentric orbit around Kerbin? Why is that asteroid named HOC? Why did I install Procedural Fairings? And what the heck happened to the many months we had before the Duna transfer window was supposed to open?
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Kerbal Space Program .25: Episode 8

It’s contract cleanup time! After our little launchpad and station accidents we wound up with a number of unfinished contracts. Our goal in this episode is to finish them all! On the to-do list: Science and a flag on the surface of the Mun, science and a flag on Minmus, and we need to do the plant experiment from Episode 7 again, but we have to do it at Minmus this time. Brace yourselves, this one’s fancy: these 32 minutes are sliced and diced from over 4 hours of gameplay.
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